Fantastic responses here at Outpost Range on Range Card Purchases

Hello Shooters,

Here’s todays Range Report for Saturday Martin Luther King Weekend- You broke the Range Card machine! Check out the video below.

We have had fantastic responses here at Outpost Range on Range Card Purchases. So much so, that the Range Card machine broke. They don’t make things like they used to and most people know what I’m talking about. We have our second machine up and running so you can still come down and purchase Range Cards.

I want to answer some of the folk’s questions as we have not been able to respond back the last few days to your questions.

The yearly fee for range card level 1 giving you pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery breaks out to $24.99 a month for the first card and each additional level 1 card is $8.25 a month for the year.

Don’t forget about our Loyalty Rewards Points (aka Bull Bucks), ask us about this.

Non-Range Card Holder Day Pricing?
Yes, this price point is Ridiculous, we agree. We want folks to be a part of Outpost Range year-round. If we had any less of a daily fee, our loyal range shooters would

never be able to shoot and may have to wait in long lines. We also recognize folks may come from out of area and want to shoot as well.

Snow Bird pricnig?
The Range Card is for a year, so when you purchase your card it will be active till next year this time. You have access now and when you return. The annual fee is still cheaper than paying by the day at other ranges.

Roads? – When you come off 490 (Homosassa Trail) follow the crushed concrete road straight ahead and Not the sand and clay road to the right. The sand/ clay road is full of pot holes.

I only shoot once and a while- Ok, this question is easy. If you pay $17 and day and go only twice a month your total at the other range is $34. Our Range Card breakout is $24.99 a month and you have more options at Outpost Range.

Even if you are here for half the year, we would still Save you on Gas and Time to drive all the way to Ocala.

I want to keep my membership at the other ranges? – Yes of course. We are all a part of the fire arms industry.

We truly do Hope that some of these answers Help with your questions.

Thank you again,