Outpost Range brings a New twist to 2 Gun and 3 Gun events called Wasteland Outlaw Series

After the meltdown of civilization the Wasteland was born.

Was it Nuclear or Biological or both that ended civilization as we knew it?

No one knows…

You are Deserted and low on fuel, food and first aid supplies-Scavenging is now the only way to survive. Radiation seems to blow with the wind limiting your time to scavenge. So get in and get out!

Time is Not the only issue. Scattered throughout this Wasteland are bands of Marauders waiting to take what you have, Radiated Rats biting at your heals and if that’s not bad enough your running out of ammo.

Try to survive, it wont be easy!

Our first Wasteland 2 gun practice (Pistol & Rifle) is this Friday Nov. 12. 2021 at 10 am. with more dates to come.
New to shooting sports- now is the time to join in. While accuracy and firearm proficiency are helpful, you needn’t be a marksman to participate, as our staff Instructors and RSO’s gladly provide you with the guidance.

All levels of firearm proficiency are Welcome so try out the Fun.

The cost of this Event- $15 w/range card.
Bring more ammo and shoot more we always say…
Come on out and we’ll see you at the Range.