Concerns of the Coronavirus

Dear Range Card Holders,

Due to the growing concerns of the Coronavirus as we all have been watching take place and the easy transmission of it, Outpost Range will close for a short period. This closure is for the overall health and wellbeing of our patrons, staff, and families. To squash, any rumors that may start, Outpost Range by no means is closing its doors for good. We are possibly looking to open the range to our range card holders on Saturdays and Sundays for short periods. We will keep you posted if this goes into effect. We want to monitor the spread in and around our County and then we will make that decision.

We need to stop the spreading of the Coronavirus so life can go on. We would rather close for a short period and limit interactions than become a part of the pandemic that has been taking place.

Thank you and God Bless us all,