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Shooting Range for gun and firearms owners

in Citrus County Florida

Outpost Range is the shooting range for gun enthusiasts in Citrus County Florida. Rated Best class firearms shooting range in Lecanto, offering pistol and handgun ranges, shotgun with 5 stand clays, and up to 600-yard rifle range. CCW conceal carry class training, target shooting, and Hunter Safety Course with an outdoor experience.

First Time at a shooting range?

Beginners Welcome

Gun Range News

Is your mind playing tricks on you?
Free Range Ammo
“Support” this cause.
You have to see this!

Bulls Eye Blast

Bullseye Blast Teaser

Everyone loves shooting .22 because it’s just tons of fun. This 3 Gun event (Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun) called -Bullseye Blast held at Outpost Range is designed for all levels of shooting experience- novice to expert. If you’re good with higher caliber firearms then you should do well helping your team score points. For added challenge we have included a few twists to the course of fire (the shooting games) being staged. Without sharing the surprise twists here are the stage names: Bianchi Showdown, Knock Down with a Twist, Bullseye Blast and Bustn’ Clays. Just bring eyes and ears and a good appetite after the shoot. Hope you like BBQ- who doesn’t right?

Shooting Range regular
Hours of Operation:

Open Year Round Rain or Shine

(See our Events page for Special Range Events or Closed Ranges.)

Pistol, Rifle and Archery Ranges open 10-4.

Pistol, Rifle and Archery Ranges open 10-4,
Trap or 5 Stand “Shotgun” open 10-1.

Pistol, Rifle and Archery Ranges open 10-4,
Shoot ’n Steel Target Range open 10-1.

Pistol, Rifle and Archery Ranges open 10-4,
Trap or 5 Stand “Shotgun” open 1-4.

Pistol, Archery and Rifle Range open 10-4,
Shoot ’n Steel Target Range open 10-1.

Tuesday and Wednesday-
Closed for scheduled
Private Training.

The Pro Shop Store regular hours: 10 to 4 Thursday to Monday.

Outpost Range
Firearm Quick Clean Service.
Have your gun cleaned
after you shoot.

Range Pricing

Range Pricing

Firearm Rental Experience

Machine Gun Alley

Machine Gun Alley

Events & Classes

Concealed Carry Class Florida CWFL & More

Range Calendar

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Trap & 5 Stand Shotgun Range



Certificates & Specials

Certificates & Specials




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range video

Womens Shoot Club

womans shooting club Trigger Angels

Shooting Steel 2 Gun & More

Shooting Steel 2 Gun & More

My Outpost Range Experience 5 Stars


5 Stars!!!! The Best Shooting Range ever!

Lily Troost

Staff were courteous and professional. We had a great time.

James Blyth

Awesome place! Its more than a shooting range.

popper 00

Friendly staff .. beautiful facility!!
Wendy French

The facility is clean and well kept.
Staff at the Pro Shop was likewise as professional, knowledgeable, and courteous.

Cary Harbater


  • Winners Archery League 1

    Winners Archery League 1
  • Winners KYL Rifle event

    Winners KYL Rifle event
  • Winners Archery League 2

    Winners Archery League 2
  • Winner Turkey Shoot

    Turkey Shoot
  • Winner Archery League 3

    Winner Archery League 3
  • Winners 22 KYL

    22 KYL
  • Winners Rifle League

    Rifle League
  • Long Range Course

    Long Range Rifle
  • Tactical Defense w Travis

    Tactical Defense
  • Winners Archery League 3

    Archery League 3
  • Winner Rifle League 2

    Winner Rifle League 2
  • Winner Rifle League 2

    Winner Rifle League 2
  • Winners 22 Rifle event

    Winners 22 rifle event
  • Winners 223 Rifle event

    Winners 223 rifle event

Gun Range FAQ

Both so be healthy and get the lead out -shoot outdoors!

Not at Outpost shooting range, everyone is welcome.
Check in and get a range card to access the different archery and firearm ranges.

With a range card the day fee starts at $20 see range pricing for all options with no initiation fees.

No, come on down and make a day of it.

Age 8 and up for Archery.
Age 10 and up for shooting firearms.
Youth under age 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
See the Pro Shop staff to answer questions on age requirements for each shooting range.

Yes call the Pro Shop before arrival as this option is available on different scheduled days.

Yes and always check correct ammo to the firearm. No tracers or armor piercing.

We are proud to say 600 yards.

Yes we have a full gun store and archery pro shop.

Yes we have gun and archery classes for all levels of interest- see our classes page.

Yes we offer rentals for gun and archery classes and check out the machine gun alley page.

Yes we offer affordable specialty and group packages for that memorable shooting event.
Give Outpost Range a call.

About Outpost Range

Outpost Range, a Florida premier shooting range, has all the amenities that a five star shooting range offers. Situated on a beautiful wooded 40 acre parcel in the heart of Citrus County Florida this outdoor shooting complex offers a first class experience that embraces the areas extensive shooting sports including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and archery. Outpost Range offers a variety of classes including Florida concealed carry classes, long range workshops, basics of firearm safety and much more. Our large indoor classroom space was designed to be a cozy comfortable place of learning. During a firearm class with Outpost Range the student need not leave the property to access the pistol or rifle range! Just walk through the retail center out the back door…

Our Staff

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