Hey Shooters, we love ya, and thank you so much for yesterday’s turnout and the many range card purchases made. We are readying the firing lines to go live tomorrow, “Friday, January 17th” but Mike Wanted to give you guys an update on how we did yesterday. We are finding shooters love the price structure and we can’t wait till we get shooting!

If you have any questions on the pricing please do not hesitate to stop on by Outpost Range. We will be here from 9 AM till 8 O’clock tonight!

Please post your comments on Facebook and or email back any and all questions, comments, and tell us how much you love or dislike the pricing. Remember a Level one Range Card breaks out to $24.99 a month.

Don’t Pay our Ridiculous one-day rate Be an Outpost Range Shooter all year round.

Again, we love ya, and thank you so much!