New shooting range coming to Citrus County, Florida
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Outpost Range LLC

Outpost Range ANNOUNCES NEW First Class Shooting Range in
Citrus County, Florida

Outpost Range LLC secures property location near the Withlacoocee State Forest in Lecanto, Florida and submits developing plans to the County Office for approval of a First Class Shooting Range in Citrus County Florida. The future development of this 30 acre site will offer a full service indoor archery with computer controlled 3D pop up targets, outdoor pistol with optional computer controlled turning targets, distances up to 600 yard rifle targets with state of the art electronic scoring, trap/skeet/sporting clay fields, professional Instruction and all ranges Handicap accessible. In addition to the outdoor ranges, Outpost Range will also offer 8,700 sq. ft. facility with retail space showcasing all the latest products, gun smithing and archery repair, two large Instructional classrooms, indoor archery range, summer educational programs for kids and even onsite food vendor serving southern style BBQ cooking.

Open to the general public with a fee-based access to use the multiple ranges, the Outpost Range will offer membership packages for individuals, families, corporations, and law enforcement/military. All memberships include usage privileges and incentives beyond those of occasional fee-based users. The membership program provides member discounts on training, equipment purchases and priority access to special events and programs. Preconstruction memberships are expected to be available for purchase at the beginning of September 2012. Members and nonmembers will be able to buy high quality firearms, accessories, apparel and the latest tactical gear at manufacturer direct prices. Merchandise for purchase online thru outpostrange.com retail website is expected to launch in early October 2012.

Outpost Range will provide a venue for some of the highest quality firearms training in Florida. The Training staff includes experienced NRA certified instructors with strong backgrounds in all firearms disciplines. The goal is to offer more personable Courses that cater to all levels beginning, intermediate and advanced level archery, pistol, rifle and shotgun. Just some on the list of Courses will be offered in personal protection for the home and away, women's self defense and advanced training for Security professionals. The classroom facilities feature state-of-the-art multimedia for interactive learning. Classes will be open to the general public with discounts offered to Outpost Range members and law enforcement.

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Outpost Range ANNOUNCES NEW First Class Shooting Range in
Citrus County, Florida

Competition and Recreational Shooting are the fastest growing sports in the world. The Outpost Range selected Lecanto area as its location after extensive research into the population and demographics of the area. The area provides nearly a perfect match to the target demographic for a premier shooting, training, and firearms retail facility. Growth trends in the shooting sport predict strong continued growth in the target demographic. Market research also indicated that Citrus County is currently in need of a modern, clean, safe shooting facility for the many sportsmens, firearms enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals. The planned central location in Citrus County is expected to draw customers not only local but three counties away including Orlando and Tampa areas.

"...the site looks like it was made for a shooting range with very high dirt walls surrounding the property," Sean Bradley
"I want to be the first to take class." Misty Baldner.
"I wish our County had a shooting range like the Outpost Range ... this is incredible," Steve Glasscock.

Outpost Range strives to meet Citrus County resident demands for a safe secure environment in which one can pursue the enjoyment of shooting sports. Outpost Range will employ over 30 individuals part time to full time Customer Service Staff, Range Officers and Instructors. The design of Outpost Range follows guide lines from the NRA Range Development and Operations Manual and The NRA Range Source Book 2010. Drafting, Surveying, Civil and Structural Engineering by local certified Companies. Outpost Range expects to begin construction of the main facility the first quarter of 2012 and is expected to take nine months to complete. A grand opening is planned for the end of fourth quarter 2012 and would be announced on the website www.outpostrange.com.
For general information, please email us at shoot@outpostrange.com


Media Contact:
Michele Goodenow
Ron Goodenow
(352) 601-6894

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Welcome to Outpost Range


Our family would like to welcome you to Outpost Range and introduce to you who we are. Michele and Ron Goodenow and our daughters Stephanie, Tiffany and son Mike have lived in Citrus County all but a few years of our lives. We own and operate a very successful Scuba Diving Facility in Crystal River, American Pro Diving Center. Over the last twelve years our business has grown from a small 1,500 sq ft shop to over 5,000 sq ft with an indoor swimming pool on site. Our passion for recreational outdoor sports have lead us in a new direction of target shooting. We started a few years ago shooting several days a week at Hernando County shooting range to now competition shooting Nationally. Meeting many new friends at this shooting range we discovered our new shooting friends were from Citrus County. As we traveled to other shooting ranges around Citrus County like Ocala and as far as Manatee County we found many folks from Citrus County at these shooting ranges as well. The common question was the same, Why is there no shooting range in Citrus County?

As you guess we started research to bring a shooting range to Citrus County. First took a plane trip out to Texas for a week long school with the NRA on Range Development and Operations Conference. Had many meetings with folks in the community, instructors in the shooting sport and spent many months looking for the right property.

Our goal from our business plan:

  1. To provide a SAFE, secure environment in which one can pursue the enjoyment of shooting sports.
  2. To provide an educational facility with effective and realistic training, provided by experienced law enforcement, military and other professionals, wherein one can learn the safe and responsible operation of firearms in competition target shooting, hunting and self defense.
  3. To provide a much needed local facility for the training and development and qualification of law enforcement officers.
  4. To provide a modern, environmentally safe as well as safe in every other aspect, world-class sport shooting facility to a very large population of sport shooters and firearms owners.
  5. To provide a facility where the entire family can pursue and enjoy the sport in comfort and safety.

More folks are wanting to get into shooting sports as you see popular shows like Top Shots and Sons of Guns in their second and third season showing. We have read several news articles from other nearby County’s wanting more shooting ranges or improving what they have to bring revenue and jobs to their county. To start we are looking for 30 new job positions to be filled and bringing 1.1 million dollars in construction/building of this new shooting range facility in Citrus County.

Our Classes and training are for all ages starting with Archery for the young youth to adults and all disciplines like pistol, rifle and shooting clays. The retail store will offer all the latest and coolest items on the market without folks having to travel out of our County to shop. We want to thank you and with County approvals we'll see you at the Range.

In The News


Local business owners plan shooting range | ChronicleOnline.com

LECANTO — Citrus County offers lots of outdoor activities, but one is lacking: a shooting range. “Citrus County is currently in need of a modern, clean, safe shooting facility for its many sportsmen, firearms enthusiasts and law-enforcement professionals,” said Ron Goodenow, who wants to build one.


Venture promises to be a plus | ChronicleOnline.com

Ron and Michele Goodenow, longtime owners of American Pro Diving Center in Crystal River, have an entrepreneurial vision that seeks to expand their business interests from Citrus County’s waters to a venture on land. Without question, Citrus County offers numerous outdoor recreational activities...

Given the Goodenows’ contagious enthusiasm, due diligence and successful track record as established local business owners, their entrepreneurial vision of creating a well-managed, state-of-the art shooting range promises to be a plus for the county and deserves support.

As the 1989 American drama-sports-fantasy movie “Field of Dreams” reminds us, “If you build it, they will come.”


Range plan upsetting | ChronicleOnline.com www.chronicleonline.com

In regards to your article “Couple plans firing range” from Aug. 30, 2011, I would like to point out several discrepancies. First, as one of the nine families mentioned in the article, we have never agreed to anything the Goodenows have proposed let alone what was stated in the article.

Our Response:
Dear Linda

When you sent us a Thank You letter saying that you saw no point in contacting us as you do not care what kind of business we were to build, we followed your wish by respecting your letter. You have sent a letter to the Editor of the Chronicle stating discrepancies in an article published Aug. 30, 2011. We would like to voice our view point of your letter with some answers to your concerns.

The reason we went door to door with the folks living in the area was to NOT have hearsay but direct information from us. Out of respect for our neighbors we made contact before our business plan packet was delivered to County to start the process.

Yes, the other neighbors that did call us back to meet are excited, approve and offered their input of the project. One neighbor was away and found us at our Dive Shop and conveyed his excitement and approval and even asked to help with the project.

We wish you could have found the time to meet us as our business plan packet answers your concerns about the lead and enjoyment of your yard in sections Stewardship Plan and Environmental Sound. The EPA requires recycling of any lead which is part of our business plan and regards to sound in your yard the facts are your house is almost 20 acres away from the rifle shooting line, you live for years right next to an active excavation property with their sound levels and there are 4 excavation sites just a few acres away from your house. The site property walls are some 30 feet or more deep which will reduce the sound levels drastically. This is important when comparing the shooters shooting in the Withlacoochee State Forest, at ground level, just a couple of lots away from your house and shooting in a deep pit.

We do wish this answers some of your concerns and hope to be good neighbors.

Ron and Michele Goodenow
Outpost Range


Gun range a good fit | ChronicleOnline.com

In regards to the unfounded comments made by Linda Boutwell about the proposed firing range to be located in Lecanto, she makes the reference to lead from firing ranges in Florida being the leading cause of ground water contamination in Florida. I would like to know where she got the facts for this ...


Shooting range gets first approval | ChronicleOnline.com

Chris Van Ormer Staff Writer The proposed Outpost Shooting Range’s first public hearing Thursday was met with approval by the Citrus County Planning and Development Review Board — but with a list of conditions. Ron and Michele Goodenow, owners of American Pro Diving Center in Crystal River, have...


Shooting range makes it past public hearing | ChronicleOnline.com

Still on target, the Outpost Shooting Range was approved Tuesday for the next phase of its development by the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). Ron and Michele Goodenow, owners of American Pro Diving Center in Crystal River, presented the $1.1 million ...


Outpost Range Final Approval meeting with BOCC May 8 at 5:00 pm.

Outpost Range Final Approval Meeting is scheduled to meet with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on May 8th, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. Inverness Courthouse 110 N. Apopka Avenue Inverness, Florida 34450.


Outpost Shooting Range could be denied Tomorrow.

Outpost Range is up for approval or denial tomorrow Tuesday May 8th, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. Inverness Courthouse. This meeting from start to finish may take up to an hour and when done we would have our answer of approval or denial. Be there for all the excitement.


Outpost Range Today with BOCC May 8 at 5:00 pm

As you know Outpost Range is scheduled to meet with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on May 8th, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. Inverness Courthouse TODAY.

You have seen the email that we could be denied and yes this is true.... we are not approved yet. The BOCC has a tough responsibility to be just to all. There are some folks that do not want a shooting range to come and if their show and/or voice are the only ones heard by our Commissioners then we have lost... They have a right to be heard just like the Shooters in Citrus County need to be heard now.


Outpost Range- guess what happened.

Outpost Range was approved by all five County Commissioners at yesterdays BOCC meeting.


Gun Range Hits Target | ChronicleOnline.com

Dozen of shooting enthusiasts turned out Tuesday for the final public hearing to approve a gun and archery range in Lecanto.

"I have never seen an application receive as much public support as this one," Clark Stillwell told the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).